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Brain Hearing

Have you ever thought about what goes into hearing

Your ears and your brain must work together as a team to convert sound waves into sound with meaning. 

The role of the brain in hearing

We now know that the most important part of hearing happens between the ears – in the brain. The brain uses the input from both ears to orient you. This tells you where the sound is coming from. The brain compares this sound to other sounds you’ve heard before to recognize the sound. The brain multi-tasks by focusing on the sounds you want to hear and separating out the unwanted noise, so it recedes into the background. Every sound you hear is a tag team effort between the ears and the brain, with the brain doing the bulk of the work. 

Your hearing and your brain 

When your hearing is compromised, your brain is impacted as well. Hearing aids need to assist your ears and your brain.

The BrainHearing™ technology in Oticon hearing aids supports your ears and your brain. They deliver sounds programmed to match the way your brain processes sound. Sounds are natural because they are delivered to your brain ready for orienting, recognizing, focusing and separating in your unique fashion. 

Hear better with less effort

Your hearing is as unique as your fingerprint; shouldn’t your hearing aids deliver a hearing experience unique to you?

Of course! Because when your brain and your ears are uniquely supported, you’ll hear better and with much less effort. BrainHearing™ technology tailors your listening experience to how you naturally hear and process sound. As a result, you decrease the effort you put into listening while increasing the recall of what was said to you. 

Support your ears and your brain

Make an appointment with Advantage Hearing & Audiology for a complete hearing evaluation. If you need hearing aids, we offer a 60-day, risk-free trial to take the worry out of buying hearing aids.