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What to Expect from Your Hearing Aids

Man with Hearing Aid

Wearing hearing aids for the first time can be quite scary, not least because you don’t know what to expect. Whether your hearing loss has been confirmed by a hearing test or you’re due to visit the audiologist in the coming days, a little info on the experience and expectations associated with wearing hearing aids can be hugely beneficial.

Here’s everything you need to know, starting from the moment you are diagnosed with hearing loss to the long-term future.

The start of your hearing aids experience

Establishing strong foundations is the best way to create a successful experience, and this is especially true when dealing with hearing aids. With so many different options on the market, finding the perfect hearing aids for your specific needs and comfort is essential.

Whether you know the difference between an ITE and a BTE or Resound and Phonak, it’s vital that you let the audiologist help you through the process. This includes getting fitted for the most comfortable experience. After all, you’ll be wearing the devices for several hours daily. Making mistakes here just isn’t an option.

The benefits of hearing aids

Hearing aids will improve various elements of your life. You will feel safer, not least because you can hear alarms and sirens. Conversations will be easier to follow and less exhausting. You’ll also be in a position to embrace the simple joys of nature once more.

The direct benefits of hearing aids will also influence your self-confidence levels and can restore your desire to be social. In truth, you’ve probably forgotten what it’s like to hear things with clarity, and the rewards will easily outweigh your expectations.

Better still, modern designs are far more inconspicuous. So, there’s no reason to worry about how they’ll impact your appearance as most people won’t even notice them.

The limitations of hearing aids

Hearing aid technology has evolved at a rapid rate and can now help improve your hearing with a more significant effect than ever before. However, you cannot expect the devices to provide you with perfect hearing, particularly if you suffer from severe or profound hearing loss.

The hearing aids will help you detect a greater range of sounds and can boost the volume for greater clarity. This should improve various aspects of your life, including conversations with loved ones, listening to the television, and interacting with the world that surrounds you.

You should expect to see large improvements, but do not be disappointed if they fall short of perfection.

The settling in period

If you thought going from perfect hearing to gradual hearing loss took getting used to, prepare yourself for further changes when wearing hearing aids. While the hearing aids will dramatically improve your life with instant results, the transitional period may last a week or so.

The sudden restoration of hearing can be hard for your body and brain to adjust to, especially when you are moving from quiet  to loud places. Wearing them for only a few hours each day in that opening week can life a lot easier, allowing you to gain far greater enjoyment in the long run.

Ongoing reliability

Once you have passed through that transitional phase, wearing hearing aids should feel very natural. While you’ll never truly forget that they are there, they should feel as familiar and normal as wearing eyeglasses. Any discomfort, pain, or bleeding shows that they need refitting.

Likewise, you’ll be pleased to know that you can expect reliable performance. The hearing aids will increase the range of sounds you pick up in all situations. If the sound does drop or become distorted, it’s probably due to simple faults or a low battery level.

Hearing aids aren’t forever

Or rather, you won’t wear the same pair forever. The technology continues to improve, not least in terms of advanced features that could enhance your life. Whether it’s Bluetooth connectivity or wind noise reduction, you may find in later life that those features are required.

Moreover, your hearing profile may worsen over time. The audiologist can recalibrate them, which can prolong their lifespan. When this is combined with regular cleaning and good general care, the long-term experience of wearing hearing aids will be better than you ever thought possible.

And with the technology behind hearing aids improving all the time, those sentiments are set to ring true for years to come.

Take the first steps today

Wearing hearing aids is a normal part of life for millions of Americans. If you feel that you could benefit from them, call Advantage Hearing & Audiology at one of our two convenient locations: