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What Conditions Are Linked to Hearing Loss?

If you’ve noticed that your hearing is worse than it used to be, it’s probably the case that you’re suffering from some sort of hearing loss. But what’s causing that loss? That’s the question you have to ask yourself because there are many different reasons why your hearing could be suffering. It’s always important to get to the bottom of these problems so you can treat the cause. Your audiologist or hearing instrument specialist will be able to help you with this. Here are some conditions linked to hearing loss. 



This is a genetic condition and what it generally means is that there is an abnormal bone growth in the ear. Although that might sound quite scary and drastic, it’s actually a relatively common cause of hearing loss, and there are procedures that can reverse the problem and help to reinstate your lost hearing if this is found to be the cause of your problem.


Acoustic Neuroma

Acoustic neuroma is very rare and it’s when you have a non-cancerous tumor growing on the nerve that controls your hearing. It can be caused by exposure to radiation or even loud noises in some instances. Sometimes, surgery is required to have the tumor removed. It’s also linked to balance so dizziness can be a symptom associated with this problem. 



People suffering from tinnitus often hear strange sounds inside their ear. These sounds might be ringing, clicking, buzzing, or hissing. But there can be other symptoms associated with tinnitus, such as hearing loss, too. So if your hearing loss problem is accompanied by sounds emanating from inside your ear, it might mean that you have tinnitus as well.


Meniere’s Disease

The inner ear has fluid flowing through it and when that’s interrupted, it’s known as Ménière’s disease. You can lose balance easily and feel nauseous a lot if you’re dealing with this problem. When the fluid starts to build up, this is when you will start to experience hearing loss. The symptoms can be controlled by taking the right medication.


German Measles

German measles is thought of as a childhood illness, but it can impact adults as well. Hearing loss is one of many symptoms of the problem and it should be treated as soon as possible when symptoms start to show. Parents should make sure that their children are vaccinated against this to prevent the problems associated with it.



Mumps is another condition associated with childhood. It’s a viral infection that results in the salivary glands becoming inflamed and swollen. One of the problems that can arise after that is, of course, hearing loss. It doesn’t always lead to hearing loss but it can be. Mild hearing loss can be treated with aids or implants if it does occur.


Paget’s Disease

Paget’s disease causes a weakened bone structure and this can later impact your hearing as the bone near your ears is impacted. The auditory nerve can be stretched as a result and this damages your hearing and causes loss. It can be treated with the use of anti-inflammatory medications though.