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What Can You Do To Recover From Gradual Hearing Loss

Most people will gradually lose their hearing to an extent as they get older. This gradual hearing loss is something that is to be expected when it comes to ageing. However, there is also just as much risk that the average person can gradually lose their hearing if they subject their ears to environments where they could do permanent damage.


Gradual hearing loss is generally something that you’ll expect to find in those who are in their 60s and early 70s. It’s the general wear and tear of the cochlea that causes the hearing loss to occur, and there’s not much you can do in order to fully restore your hearing because that’s simply the body’s way of deteriorating. But not everyone is immune from gradual hearing loss. As mentioned above, if you’re exposing your ears to environments where there are loud noises on a regular basis without the right protection, you could do permanent damage. At the same time there are other factors like genetics and certain drugs that have side effects of hearing loss. 


There are certain symptoms of gradual hearing loss that are worth noting should you or your partner, family member or friend have it. Knowing these symptoms can help you spot them early on and to hopefully improve that hearing that you’ve lost in some way. Here are some of the general symptoms and signs of someone who might have hearing loss:

  • They often ask you to repeat what you’re saying.
  • Misunderstanding of what’s been said to them.
  • They are increasing the volume on the television to uncomfortable levels
  • Sounds around them are not heard, like the crossing sounds for pedestrians to the doorbell of your home.
  • Group and social occasions involving large crowds are something they can’t deal with.
  • The television is usually on a loud volume that’s uncomfortable for others.
  • Their own voice clarity has weakened, or they’re speaking in a monotone voice.

There are definitely some obvious ones in here but there might be others you spot, whether it’s you yourself or may have gradual hearing loss or a loved one. However, many symptoms they have, it’s always good to let them know and to book themselves in for a hearing test with a local audiologist or hearing instrument specialist. 


When it comes to recovering from gradual hearing loss, there’s nothing that’s going to fully repair your hearing loss to the way it was. It’s something that doesn’t heal, but hopefully with science and technology, one day we’ll be able to do that for those who have hearing loss of any kind. Here are some of the options that you can explore to help recover to some degree from gradual hearing loss. 


The best thing that you can do if you feel that you or someone you know has gradual hearing loss is to go for a hearing test. A hearing test should be something you’re having on a regular basis in order to understand the health of your ears. By going to a local audiologist or hearing instrument specialist, they can run a diagnostics test on your hearing to see what you might need when it comes to improving your hearing. It might be lifestyle changes, or it could be that you need a hearing aid. 


If you’ve been to an audiologist and hearing instrument specialist and they say you need a hearing aid, then get one. There’s no point going about life with any type of hearing loss because your quality of life is bound to be affected. Getting a hearing aid is very easy to do, and there’s a lot of advancements and technology in hearing aids now that makes them very effective.


Regardless of your age, there’s always something you can be doing to slow down the gradual hearing loss. That could be reducing the television volume in your home, listening to music with a listening device on a low volume and being wary of any environments where it’s particularly loud. 

If you’re looking at getting hearing aids or need a test to see whether you have gradual hearing loss, then it’s worth learning more about. We are experts who can help with any type of hearing loss you may have. Call us today at one of our convenient locations 1-888-553-7520.