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4 Qualities to Look for in an Audiologist

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The trouble with hearing loss is that often those afflicted do not feel as though they are listened to. In fact, in many cases, conversation has gone from being something that is easy and pleasant to a frustrating and exhausting affair. If you find yourself experiencing hearing loss you may wonder when it all started to go wrong. The honest answer is – probably longer ago than you think! Hearing loss has a way of sneaking up on us over the space of years or even decades. In many cases, we do not spot the signs until our hearing loss has already become fairly profound.

We dismiss the increasing misunderstandings and miscommunications as a coincidence. When the door is pounded on night after night by angry neighbors we assume that they are the one with a problem; objecting to the perfectly reasonable volume of your TV or stereo. After a while, however, it becomes impossible to dismiss the warning signs of hearing loss as mere coincidence. Nonetheless, we may be hesitant about the prospect of consulting an audiologist. With so many to choose from, how can you possibly know which practitioner best suits your needs? Here are four qualities that you should look for in an audiologist to ensure you’ve found the right one for you.

They have the right credentials and years of experience

Hearing loss is a complicated issue with a range of causes. For your peace of mind, your audiologist should be well qualified with an advanced degree in audiology. Not only will they be eminently qualified, but they will also have years of experience helping people just like you to identify the causes of your hearing loss and help you to decide on the most effective course of treatment to suit you.

They are warm, caring and courteous

For many, consulting an audiologist is a nerve-wracking experience. After years of living with hearing loss, you may be full of trepidation at the idea of pursuing treatment. A great audiologist is not only well qualified and experienced, but they are also warm and caring, putting you at ease and helping you to feel reassured. When you feel as though your audiologist genuinely has your best interests at heart, this is a great sign of things to come.

They listen to you

People with hearing loss are used to communication seeming difficult and even arduous. As a result, they often prefer not to talk at all. Thus, a great audiologist knows that simply feeling as though they are heard and listened to is extremely important to those with hearing loss. A great audiologist will listen to you and answer as many questions as you have with patience and compassion.

They offer great aftercare

A great audiologist will do more than simply provide a solution to your hearing loss. They will check in with you regularly to ensure that it is working well for you. Living with a hearing aid requires some adjustment and a good audiologist will be cognizant of this. They will offer follow up appointments to make changes to the calibration or simply talk with you about whether the instrument meets your expectations.

Now that you know what makes a great audiologist, why settle for anything less?

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