COVID-19 Notice

Our practice locations will be temporarily closed due to concerns with COVID-19. We have staff in another location ready to answer your call. We are keeping up with all state and local regulations and will keep you posted on changes as things progress. We want to thank you all for being patients of Advantage Hearing & Audiology. We hope that you and your family stay safe and healthy through this pandemic. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Our Hearing Professionals

At Advantage Hearing & Audiology we are sensitive to the needs of every individual that depends on our knowledge, solutions, and care. We offer our patients the latest technology in the industry, accompanied by advanced fitting techniques and personalized service. Through this we are able to achieve seamlessly easy hearing rehabilitation for all types of hearing impairments. At Advantage Hearing & Audiology we take great pride and passion in helping patients to complete their senses so that they are able to better hear, understand, and participate in life's rich soundscapes.

Ricky Emerson

Ricky Emerson
Hearing Instrument Specialist

Office Location: Eden & Greensboro

Ricky Emerson has been in the hearing industry for almost ten years and is licensed in two states, North Carolina and Virginia.

Ricky married his middle school sweetheart and she is a great woman. They have a three-month-old son as of this writing 10/31/19, and he is eating then out of house and home.

What Ricky enjoys most about what he does, is being a part of all of the success stories and life changes his patients experience.

Clay Volkmann

Clay Volkmann

Office Location: Greensboro

Clay Volkmann was born in Evansville, IN. the “Hoosier” state, in 1962. He has four sisters, no brothers, eight nieces and nephews, four great nieces and one great nephew. He lost his awesome mother when she was only 47 to cancer and sadly lost his father last summer.

Clay always feels blessed in life and tries to look on the bright side of things. He always tries to remember how good he has it. Having a large, close family and many friends keeps him very busy and he cannot seem to spend enough time with all of them.

Clay has always gravitated towards working with people and helping people makes him feel happy. He held then sold his Indiana Real Estate license for 17 years and he plans to sell real estate again here in North Carolina in his retirement to keep him busy and active.

When Clay relocated to North Carolina three and a half years ago he worked on a project for Exxonmobil Oil Co. for a year and a half before coming to work for Advantage Hearing and Audiology as a Patient Care Coordinator. He enjoys coming to work every day and working with his patients. Helping them is truly rewarding to him.

Rhonda Harris

Rhonda Harris
Patient Care Coordinator

Office Location: Eden

Rhonda Harris is a native to Eden, North Carolina where she enjoyed raising her two beautiful children, Daniel and Alexis. They have brought her such great pride and joy over the years. She also has two sisters, one of which is her fraternal twin. Rhonda enjoys spending time with her extended family at dinner gatherings, church, and vacations.

Rhonda has experience in customer service as a banker and a receptionist for a doctor’s office. In all her jobs, she has loved being able to spread cheer to those around her. She believes that life is too short, and you shouldn't have to take yourself too seriously. “Laughter is good for the soul!” Helping others and bringing smiles to their face is her passion. While working at Advantage Hearing and Audiology, she has been able to do just that with her patients. Being able to help others gain their hearing has blessed her in so many ways.