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(Hearing aids & services for Greensboro/Eden/Kernersville)

At Advantage Hearing and Audiology, we take great pride and passion in helping patients to complete their senses so that they are able to better hear, understand, and participate in life's rich soundscapes. We offer hearing aids & services for Greensboro, Eden, and Kernersville areas. Read below to learn more about the services we offer.

A note about hearing aids and devices:

Do you know what you should expect from your hearing aids?

Your hearing instrument should allow you to:

  • Hear an understand more - even in noisy environments!
  • Hear soft sounds, including children and female voices.
  • Regain energy - and not feel drained - after a long conversation.
  • Enjoy your time out with friends at a restaurant or other social event.
  • Enjoy the soft sounds of nature.
  • Listen to the TV comfortably with other people.
  • Understand people on the telephone.

Are your current hearing devices living up to your expectations?

Hearing aids should NOT:

  • Feel uncomfortable.
  • Whistle or give you feedback sounds.
  • Make environmental sounds unbearably loud or abrasive
  • Be a hassle or a chore to wear.

If your hearing aids are not meeting your expectations, come see us for a consultation. We'll be happy to make your hearing device exceed your expectations.

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Hearing and Hearing Aid Services

  • Hearing Tests / Evaluations
  • Hearing device consulatations
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Hearing aid fittings and sales
  • Hearing aid programming
  • Hearing aid service and repair
  • Ear irrigation/wax removal
  • Real Ear Testing
  • Tympanommetry
  • Cochlear Implant Referrals
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Hearing Loop System Services

  • Hearing loop system installation
  • Hearing loop system service

For more information, please visit http://www.hearingloopusa.com

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Custom Earplug and Headphone Services

  • Occupational Hearing Testing
  • Noise dosimetry (measuring a person's daily sound exposure to determine risk of hearing loss)
  • Ear impressions for custom and ready-fit safe-listening headphones by Etymotic
  • Ear impressions for custom and ready-fit hearing protection for musicians, construction, home improvement, automotive, and gun sports, including Musician's Earplugs, ETY Plugs, HD Electronic Earplugs.