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As an independent practice, we are able to offer nearly every major make, model, and style of hearing systems. Our product line encompasses everything from the most affordable digital hearing aid in the Triad to the most high-tech hearing systems available in the world today. We even offer our own line of hearing aids, AHAs - a way for us to keep costs low for the price-oriented customer!

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Styles of Digital Hearing Aid Devices


There are two types of BTEs: Open Fit and Receiver-in-the-Canal. The main difference is the location of the receiver (speaker). While the look is similar, each has different benefits.

Open Fit

Open Fit Hearing Aid

In the Open Fit, the receiver is inside the main unit, with an open, or hollow, tube putting sound into the ear. These products are great for people who are often exposed to moisture.

Common Products: Phonak: Bolero (M13, M312, P, SP, Q50, Q70, Q90 - Quest Platform); MH2O, Ambra, Solana, Cassia, Dalia, Naida S (Spice Platform); Certena, Exelia, Versata, Milo (Core Platform)

Receiver in the Canal (RIC/CRT/RITE)

Receiver in Canal Hearing Aid

On the RIC, the receiver is inside the ear canal and is connected to the main unit by a small wire. RICs are especially good for people who desire the best speech clarity possible.

Common Products: Phonak: Audeo S Smart, Audeo S Mini, Audeo S Yes, Naida S MH2O (Spice Platform), Audeo (Core Platform); Oticon: Intiga


Custom Hearing Aid Custom Hearing Aid

Custom fit devices range in size from the smallest CIC (completely-in-the-canal, sometimes called invisible-in-the-canal) to the slightly larger ITC (in-the-canal) to the HS/ITE (Half-shell or fully-in-the-ear). The technology in the device is the same as in the BTEs, but is contained in a single unit which is custom molded to the shape of your ear.


Hearing Loop System Products

Hearing loop systems are a way to help the hearing impaired hear in areas such as airports, malls, stadiums, places of worship, concert halls, theaters, sporting venues, courts, drive-through windows, box offices, and even their own homes. Hearing loop systems use a person’s hearing aids to provide a customized, low-cost, and high-quality solution for people who have difficulty hearing and understanding speech in public venues.

For more information on hearing loop systems, please visit www.HearingLoopUSA.com

Advantage Hearing & Audiology

Hearing Loop Systems by Advantage Hearing & Audiology


Hearing Loops installed by AHA! use American-made materials by inLoop


Custom Earplug and Headphone Products

For many adults, the ability to hear and communicate while on the job is a necessity. For students, a high level of hearing acuity is imperative to learning. Unfortunately, there are many occupations as well as recreational activities that have the potential to permanently damage the cilia (tiny cells) inside your cochlea. Without these cilia, hearing is impossible. This type of hearing loss is called Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL).

The good news is that NIHL is completely preventable. At Advantage Hearing & Audiology, we want to help you maintain your natural hearing. To that end, we proudly carry Etymotic brand earplugs and headphones / earphones / in-ear monitors .

Follow the links below or visit our FAQ page to learn more about these products, then give us a call for a consultation and fitting!

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Not sure if the amount of noise you experience at work or in your spare time might be causing you hearing loss? Call us for a hearing conservation and noise dosimetry consultation, and we will help you determine your sound exposure! You can also find more information here.